Accessory Kits

Accessory Kit

Nature Stone Topcoat Kit

When you are ready to use your Nature Stone Topcoat Kit, the tools and accessory items in our Nature Stone Topcoat Accessory Kit will help to ensure the easiest, fastest and most successful topcoat application.  This Accessory Kit includes a paint tray, paint roller, paint brush, mixing stick,measuring cup, gloves, dust mask and bag of sand – many of the same tools and accessory items the professionals use! This Accessory Kit will help you achieve the best results for either your Standard or ULTRA topcoat application.


Nature Stone Repair Kit 

Our Nature Stone Repair Accessory Kit includes most of the tools and accessory items you will need in to fix any minor cracks and pitting in your stone and epoxy floor.  This Accessory Kit includes two containers, a mixing stick, gloves, dust mask, brush, trowel and a bag of sand.  Simply follow the directions in your Nature Stone Repair Kit, and use the tools and accessory items in this Accessory Kit for a successful, seamless repair.  


If you are an Authentic NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring customer, please check with your local Dealer for product information and warranty terms, as some materials and/or services may be covered.