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Each NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring DIY Repair Kit is supplied with the necessary stone and epoxy to complete your repair.  You may need the following additional items to carry out the Repair, which may or may not be included with this Kit:

Mixing Cup(s), Mixing Stick, Gloves, Dust Mask, Hammer, Brush, Shop-Vac Or Vacuum Wand, Trowel, Mineral Spirits, Bag of Sand (Non-Skid Surface),  Two Containers (Large & Small) To Be Discarded.

For best results, the area should be clean and dry before making the Repair, and the temperature should stay above 45 degrees for a full twenty-four (24) hours after making the Repair.  PLEASE READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS FIRST BEFORE STARTING!


STEP 1 - Prepare Damaged Area(s):

  1. Brush Out The Area To Be Repaired Removing Any Loose Debris.
  2. Using A Shop-Vac Or Vacuum Wand, Thoroughly Clean The Area To Be Repaired.

STEP 2 - Combine Stone And Epoxy:

  1. Put On Gloves And Dust Mask.
  2. Mix the Epoxy Part B With The Epoxy Part A In The Small Container Using The Following Rules:
    1. First Pour Epoxy Part A Into The Small Container THEN pour Epoxy B Into The Container In This EXACT Order. 
    2. You Must Pour Epoxy Part B Into Epoxy Part A.
    4. The Mix Should Be At A Ratio Of Two Parts Epoxy A To One Part Epoxy B (I.E., 2 Cups Part A To 1 Cup Part B).
    5. You Will Need To Mix Enough Epoxy That Will Both Saturate The Amount Of Stone That You Will Use To Make The Repair And To Lightly And Evenly Spread The Mixed Epoxy Onto The Area Of Your Floor That Needs To Be Repaired.  
    6. Do Not Use Any Epoxy After Its “Use By Date”.
  3. Mix the Epoxy Thoroughly With The Mixing Stick Until Small Air Bubbles Form And The Color Is Uniform Throughout.
    1. After Mixing, You Will Have About Twenty (20) Minutes To Complete The Repair.
  4. Place The Amount Of Stone Necessary To Make The Repair Into The Large Container. For Small Or Hairline Cracks You Will Need To Use Crushed Stone.  Place The Desired Amount Of Dry Stone Into A Plastic Bag And Pound With A Hammer To Crush The Stone. 
  5. Brush A Small Amount Of Epoxy Evenly Into The Area To Be Repaired. Pour The Remaining Epoxy Into The Stone And Mix Thoroughly Until All Stones Are Saturated Evenly With The Epoxy Mix.


STEP 3 Repair Damaged Area(s):

  1. Using The Trowel, Fill In The Area Being Repaired With The Stone And Epoxy Mix.
  2. Even, Flatten And Smooth The Stone With The Bottom Of The Trowel Blade. 
  3. If The Trowel Begins To Feel “Gummy” And Difficult To Work With, Then Wipe Off and Clean The Trowel With A Small Amount Of Mineral Spirits. 
  4. Repeat The Process As Needed. 
  5. Optional Non-Skid Surface 
  6. Once You Are Finished Making The Repair(s), Immediately Place A Small Amount Of Sand In The Palm Of Your Hand And Lightly To Moderately Broadcast Over The Wet Repaired Area Of Your Floor That Requires A Non-Skid Surface. 
  7. Let Any Unused Stone And Epoxy Harden In The Bucket For Twenty-Four (24) Hours And Dispose Of The Bucket And Its Contents In Your Trash Receptacle.


Let dry for a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours AND until the Repair is no longer tacky.

Keep vehicles off area for seven (7) days.