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Choosing the Right Sized Repair or Topcoat Kit

DIY projects are a great way for you and your family to save money on maintaining your Nature Stone® floor through crack repair or topcoating.  If you are considering working on your own flooring project, then understanding the amount of material you will need is critical before ordering your supplies.

For topcoating projects, you will need to accurately measure the entire area of the space that you want to topcoat.  Take a look at your project carefully.  If there are areas that do not fit into a standard square or rectangular shape, you may want to measure those separately.  Start by measuring the largest area first and note the length and the width.  Multiply those figures together to get the actual area of the room.  Repeat the process for any adjoining areas.  You will need to total this information to purchase the correct sized topcoat kit.

For repair projects, deciding what size repair kit can be a bit more challenging.  You’ll need to carefully measure the size of each are that needs to be repaired.  Using blue painter’s tape can be a helpful way to mark out each area that you want to work on.  Simply go around the room and leave a bit of blue tape where repairs are needed.  Once that step is complete, return to each area and measure the length and the width of the repair needed.  Multiply each of those figures together separately and then add them all up.  That will give you the approximate area of the repairs that need to be completed. 

No matter whether you are topcoating or repairing a floor, these measurements will give you the information you need to purchase the correctly sized materials.  You can use the estimator right on our website to select your kit or you can feel free to contact us for assistance in choosing a package.

Figuring out what amount of material you will need to maintain your Nature Stone floor is an easy process.  With just a bit of measuring and multiplication, you’ll have the correct package size in minutes.  Contact us today if you have questions or need assistance.