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5 Do’s for DIY Floor Repairs

If you are considering a DIY floor repair for your Nature Stone floors, then you know that the high quality of our products will make the process easy. But, there are some things that can derail your project. To make sure that you have the best result, read on for our tips on how to make your DIY repair or topcoating project a success.


1. Do take the time to read the included instructions carefully. While our teams of professional floor installers and repair teams have years of knowledge and experience working on our stone and epoxy floors, if this is your first repair or topcoating project, then take the time to read the instructions carefully. Take a few minutes to gather all of your materials in one place and unpack them. As you do, read through the directions to see at what point in the repair or topcoat that you will need to use them. This effort will save you time as you are better able to understand exactly what steps are needed while you are working.


2. Do give your floors plenty of time to dry. This is a critical step for both topcoating processes and DIY repairs. All floors need at least 24 hours to dry before replacing furniture or rugs.       If you have completed a repair or a topcoating project in your garage, please wait a full seven days before driving your cars on the surface. This will guarantee the best results and long lasting beauty of your floors.


3. Do clean carefully before you repair an area or apply a new topcoat. In order to get the best results on your stone and epoxy floors, cleaning before you go through the Nature Stone process is what will give you the best results. Sweep the surface and then follow up with a vacuum. If you would like to mop the floor, you can; however, make sure that you have allowed enough time for it to dry completely before you begin a repair or topcoat.


4. Do use a thin layer of topcoat. While you may be tempted to apply a thick layer of topcoat, our Nature Stone formulas are designed to work best as a thin layer, protecting the integrity of our hydrostatic ports. A light coat will give you the protection that you need.


5. Do wait to mix epoxy until the last second. Our professional installers and repair teams will tell you that the epoxy won’t wait. Make sure to have everything ready for your repair before you mix the epoxy. It will only remain viable for a short time and needs to be used quickly in order to be effective. Have all of your materials out and be ready to go when you mix the epoxy.


Do you have questions about your DIY repair or topcoating project? If so, give us a call today! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to speak with you about how to achieve the best results on your repair. Call us today!