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4 Ways to Guarantee a Gorgeous Spring Repair

As a national leader in stone and epoxy flooring, Nature Stone is known for their uncompromising quality, incomparable beauty and amazing durability. Whether you have your floor installed in your garage, sun room, basement or even outdoors, your floor will always have the same lovely finish. Over time, though, you may have noticed a small crack that needs to be repaired, due to heavy objects being dragged on the floor. If that is the case, Nature Stone makes it easy for you to repair your floor using our DIY tips and kits. Consider these five ways to guarantee a gorgeous repair on your stone and epoxy floor if you are planning on a DIY project this spring.

1. Measure well, before you start the project. Making sure that your repair goes according to plan involves making sure that you have enough material to complete the job. Take the time to walk your Nature Stone floor and mark the areas that you’d like to repair with blue painter’s tape, leaving a small mark at each area. We recommend the use of this type of tape because it will not leave any residue on your stone and epoxy floor and the blue color is easily visible. Take a notepad and ruler and measure each of the areas, noting the length and width of each area that needs to be repaired. Multiply the length and width together for each repair site and then add each individual total together to see how much repair material will be needed to complete your project.

2. Clean carefully before starting your project. Once you have ordered and received the necessary tools and supplies, it is critical that you clean the area. First, sweep the floor carefully to remove any larger particles and then follow up with a thorough vacuuming, to ensure that there is no dust or grit left in the area to be repaired. Taking the time to clean carefully will help you to achieve a seamless repair – one that even you won’t be able to see once the process is complete.

3. Before you start, stop. While many people may think they understand the process to repairing our Nature Stone® floors, it is extremely helpful if you take a few minutes to read through the directions a few times. These have been carefully written by our installation and repair professionals to help you get the same results they would get if they did the repair for you. You will see that there are specific steps that need to be followed in order to make sure your repair goes smoothly. These instructions are offered both in your repair kit and on our website.

4. Prepare the area. The next step to guaranteeing a great repair process is to make sure that you have everything you need for your repair. Take out each item from the repair kit and the accessory kit, if you have ordered one. Set them out and identify at which point in the process they are needed. Refer to your directions to make sure that you have everything you need in order to complete the project. Once you are sure that you have everything you need, then it is time to complete your stone and epoxy floor repair.

Use these tips to guarantee a gorgeous repair! If you have questions, feel free to contact us today.