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One of the most innovative features of Nature Stone flooring is the presence of our Hydrostatic Port Technology included in every single installation. These hydrostatic ports create small pores in the floor that allows it to breathe, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Many of our customers who have a Nature Stone floor and are considering a new layer of topcoat have concerns about whether or not it will negatively affect the ability of their floor to breathe.  

Generally speaking, there is no reason to be concerned about adding a new topcoat to your floor. Our topcoating products are specifically designed to maintain the integrity of our floors. The only way that the hydrostatic ports could become compromised is through issues with the replacement coat application process. While our Nature Stone topcoat formulations are created to specifically work with the hydrostatic ports, it is possible to clog the pores with too heavy of a coat of material. For that reason, our recommendation is to use only Nature Stone brand topcoating formulas on your stone and epoxy floor, which have been tested to ensure that they work seamlessly with both new installations and when updating the topcoat.

One of the best ways to ensure that the topcoating process doesn’t interfere with the hydrostatic port technology is to utilize our Nature Stone accessory kits for topcoating. Specifically designed for this use, each and every accessory kit includes exactly the tools that are needed to ensure a smooth application. In fact, because of the careful selection process, you can be sure that the right amount of material ends up on the floor. While other applicators that you can purchase at your local hardware or home improvement store may have too deep of a “nap,” which will cause too much topcoat to be applied on the surface, the applicators included in the accessory kit will prevent this issue. Without the correct nap level on your applicator, not only can you potentially clog up the hydrostatic ports on your floor, but you could get partway through your project and discover that you simply don’t have enough material to complete your topcoating project.

Another way to ensure the best results with your topcoating process is to prepare the area well and set aside enough time to do it well. If you are working in an indoor area, make sure that you remove all furniture and rugs from the area and carefully lift draperies off of the floor. Sweep the floor and then run a vacuum over the surface. You can even mop the floor with a mild cleaning solution prior to topcoating the floor. If you do so, make sure that the floor has ample time to dry before you use topcoat on it. If you are sealing an outdoor or garage area, it is also critical to remove any tools, cars, patio furniture or storage equipment from the area. Sweep the floor clear of any debris, such as dirt, twigs or leaves and then use an industrial vacuum to remove fine particles of dust and grit from the floor. After that, simply rinse the floor with a hose and allow it to dry. After this process, you will be ready to topcoat your flooring.

 Adding a coat of sealer on your Nature Stone floor can enhance your flooring without any issues with our hydrostatic port technology. Call us today if you have questions!