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Why DIY Repairs are the Best Way to Keep Your Floor Beautiful

During the spring and summer months, DIY home improvement projects can be a relaxing way to spend time off. If you have a Nature Stone floor or another brand of epoxy stone flooring, you may have noticed that it is time for a bit of maintenance. If that is the case, then we can help! Nature Stone offers DIY topcoat and repair kits. These kits, designed to be an affordable and convenient option for home repair, will help you to achieve the same level of results that our professionally trained teams see each and every day. Why choose a repair kit from Nature Stone? Here are just a few reasons that our products will make your work easy and efficient:

  • You can complete your repair at your own pace and at your convenience. Nature Stone is the leading brand of stone and epoxy floors in the nation. Given the demand for our floors, there can be a wait before a repair team may become available to complete your repair. With our DIY kits, you don’t have to wait for us. You can use the same products and get the job done on your schedule.
  • There are no on-site costs for a DIY repair. While we fully guarantee any of our floors for a period of time after the installation, floors that are not the Nature Stone brand or those who have had expired warranty periods generally have to pay for our teams to visit their home or commercial space. With a DIY kit, there is no cost for you to do the repair – only what you have to pay for the materials – effectively eliminating labor costs.
  • Our kits complement other floors. Nature Stone’s DIY kits work with literally any brand of stone and epoxy floors. Whether you originally purchased an epoxy stone floor from us or not, we can help you to get the repair and topcoating materials that you need. All you need to do is to give us a call and we will help you to decide the perfect color that will complement your flooring.
  • Nature Stone’s topcoat and repair kits will keep cash in your pocket and save you time. With an easy ordering process, you can get the correct amount of repair or topcoat materials and our accessory kits without having to go to the hardware store to figure out what you will need. You can be assured that our DIY kids will save you money and time in getting all of the information together for your repair. Don’t spend money on too much material or the wrong tools, use one of our kits to save time and frustration.
  • Your time is your own. Instead of having to wait for your scheduled appointment time when you could be doing something fun with your family, do your repair or topcoat at your convenience. Whenever you have time, our DIY repair kit will be waiting and ready for use.

Want to work on your floor using a DIY kit? Give us a call today or order your supplies online.