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Spring Repairs are Easy with Professional Nature Stone Accessories

Now that spring is here, you may be thinking that it is time to do some work on your home. From painting to landscaping work, spring is the best time to get home improvement projects done. If repairing your stone and epoxy floor is one of the projects that you are interested in completing, then you know that the right tools can make all the difference in getting a project done easily and efficiently. Whether you are considering a topcoat project or a repair to your epoxy stone floor, using our professional accessory kits – the same kits our teams use during installation – can make your job so much easier!

Struggling with which tools to have on hand or purchase before you begin your project can make getting the job done downright difficult. That is why the installation and repair teams at Nature Stone have taken the time to put together a package of the same tools they use when going out into the field. Professional grade, with just the right sizing and edges to make your repair an easy process, you will love our tool kits.

Each one of the tools included in our accessory kits has a specific purpose during the repair. We have not included tools that you simply won’t need, so there is no confusion. In fact, we have divided our tool kits into those meant for repairs as well as those meant to be used for topcoating projects. The separation between the two kits means that you won’t be trying to figure out which tool goes with which project. This will save you time and energy.

Why should you take advantage of our tool kits? We get this question a lot. While many people believe they can purchase the same quality of tools at the local hardware store, knowing which tool will give you the best result is critical. The topcoat accessory kit includes tools that will help you to get a smooth finish on your new topcoat with just the right size and texture of roller and a complete guide to completing your project. This kit includes a paint tray, paint roller, paint brush, mixing stick, measuring cup, gloves, dust mask and bag of sand – all of the tools that our professional installation teams use on a daily basis.

The same thought has gone into the design of our accessory kit for repairs. With detailed instructions, repairing small cracks in your Nature Stone floor – or any other brand of epoxy stone floor, for that matter – will be simple and easy. The kit includes two containers, a mixing stick, gloves, dust mask, brush, trowel and a bag of sand. Each of these items will be used during the process and are carefully noted on the instruction sheet to make sure your repair is nearly effortless.

 Using a Nature Stone DIY Accessory Kit will make your topcoat or repair process very simple. Take advantage of our expertise and professional tools for the best results. If you have questions about your repair or would like to speak to a Nature Stone representative, call us today!