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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Nature Stone Floor

Spring is finally here! With warmer temperatures and more time spent outdoors, this is the ideal time to give your Nature Stone floor a thorough cleaning. Winter boots, road salt, grime and water – no matter how hard you have tried to keep them out of your home, inevitably some of it always gets on the floor. 

With a Nature Stone floor, getting it really clean couldn’t be easier! Follow these tips to help you complete your spring floor cleaning:


Start with a clean sweep. No matter whether your floor is indoors or outdoors, start with a thorough sweeping. Sweep at the edges first, using an angled broom and then move to the center of the room, eliminating any debris that you find.


Try a little suction. The next step is to vacuum the floor thoroughly. For indoor floors, using a traditional vacuum will work great. For garages or outdoor spaces, try a larger commercial sized vacuum to help you move across the floor more quickly.

Wet mopping. For indoor floors, the final step is to wet mop the floors with a mild cleaning solution. This wet mopping process will remove the final dust from the floor and remove any dried on spots or stains. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly before moving furniture back into place.

Final steps for outdoor floors. If you have a Nature Stone floor that is outdoors, such as a garage or a walkway, then the final step is to simply hose off the floor using a regular garden hose with a spray attachment. Start at one end and push the water outdoors to drain.

It is so easy to get your pebble stone floor ready for spring with this simple cleaning process. By sweeping, vacuuming and wet mopping, you’ll be sure to have a fresh start after a long winter. If you have any more questions about maintaining your floors, give us a call today!