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5 Ways to Get the Perfect Repair Results

Are you considering completing your own topcoating or repair process for your Nature Stone floor?  Do you have concerns about making it look “right”?  The repair and accessory kits put together by Nature Stone’s professional installation teams have everything you need in order to complete your own easy repair and topcoating process.  The only thing you will be missing is a visit by our friendly staff! 

Take these five tips from our repair teams to help you get the perfect repair results during your Nature Stone flooring DIY project:

1. Take your time.  During the process, from the moment you start to measure until you are done, take your time.  Rushing can cause issues that range from not having the right amount of materials to not mixing the epoxy correctly.  Take your time and enjoy the process.  It isn’t often that you will get to work on your Nature Stone floor.

2. Measure twice, order once.  We’ve adapted this old carpentry adage to our own business.  Before you order any products, make sure to carefully measure the area that needs to be repaired or top coated.  These measurements are critical, as they will determine how much material you need to order.  You can use blue painters tape to mark areas that need to be repaired so you remember to allow for each area.

3. Clean well!  One of the most important keys to a successful repair is making sure that the floor is very clean before you start.  Sweep the floor first and then follow up with a vacuum or indoor/outdoor vac for extra cleaning power.  Mop the floor with a mild detergent solution to remove any final residue and allow the floor to dry thoroughly before attempting any repair or topcoating process.

4. Read the directions.  It is said that men don’t like to read directions.  If that is the case in your household, then it is time to break that habit!  Getting the best results for your DIY Nature Stone flooring repair means that you need to take a few minutes to really read each and every step in the topcoating and repair directions included in your kit.  While the process isn’t difficult, you will get much better results if you take the time to read carefully before you start.

5. Get everything in place.  As you are reading the directions to complete your stone and epoxy floor topcoating or repair process, lay out all of the materials and the items from the accessory kit. This way, you will not only know where everything is, but you will have a chance to put it in the order that you need it.  This will help you to more quickly begin the process and complete the repair or topcoating project easily and without having to stop to find a tool or a material needed.

You can get great results by doing your own topcoating or repair project on your Nature Stone floor.  All you need to do is to follow these tips from our professional repair team and you will be well on your way to success.  For more information, call Nature Stone today!