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Protecting Hydrostatic Port Technology

One of the best parts of a Nature Stone custom stone and epoxy floor is the presence of Hydrostatic Port Technology. This innovative design feature has been added to each and every Nature Stone floor to help moisture to evaporate up through the floors, which is particularly helpful in basement and garage environments, where there is more water present. If you are planning on a repair or topcoating process for your floor, do you need to worry about damaging the hydrostatic ports? Are there any steps you can take to prevent issues with these important items included in your floor? Read on for information as to how you can make sure that your floor functions as great after your floor repair as before.  

  • The first step – understand what hydrostatic ports are and how they work. The Hydrostatic Port Technology included in each and every Nature Stone floor is the process by which small pores are included in the very membrane of the floor. As the floor is smoothed onto the surface of your garage, basement, laundry room or even an outdoor deck, the epoxy and pebbles allow for small gaps that give moisture from your home’s foundation to evaporate easily.  This is how our floors prevent mold and mildew from growing, which makes them a step above carpet or tile.   
  • Use Nature Stone’s specially designed products. When you choose to use Nature Stone’s specially designed topcoating products, you can be sure that they will work with the floor to maintain the integrity of the hydrostatic port technology. No matter whether you choose our standard topcoating products or our UV topcoat, it will work in tandem with the floor that has been installed.
  • No worries during repairs. Since Nature Stone’s repair kits for stone and epoxy floors take advantage of professional grade materials, you will have no issues with hydrostatic ports during a repair. Simply follow the directions that you have been provided with and you will be able to complete a flawless repair that will not impair the ability of your floor to allow moisture to travel both up from the foundation and down through the floor.