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DIY Tips to Keep Your Nature Stone Floor Clean

No matter where you have had your Nature Stone custom stone and epoxy floor installed, you will love the way it looks and you will love how easy it is to keep clean. Depending on where you floor is installed, you will have options to keep it as clean as the day that it was installed.

Keeping your Nature Stone floor clean starts with an analysis as to where the floor is located. You may need a slightly different process if your floor is in a basement, than if it is in a kitchen, hallway, garage, outdoors or in a commercial environment. Think through what your floor has been exposed to. Mostly foot traffic? Road grime? Rainwater and pollen from outdoors? Dirty athletic equipment, hobby tools and mud? Each of these considerations may change how you approach your floor cleaning slightly.

If your Nature Stone floor has been installed in your basement, then your main concern will be keeping your basement smelling fresh and clean. Nature Stone is known for the ability to stop mold and mildew growth. Start by vacuuming your Nature Stone floor to remove any dust or debris from stored items in your basement. If your basement flooring is in an entertainment area, carefully lift up furniture and sweep under it, removing discarded wrappers or food crumbs that ended up under the couch instead of in the trash. Once you have swept the floor, you can run over it quickly with a household vacuum cleaner. This helps to remove any additional dust that has accumulated. Finally mop the floor with a damp, not wet, mop that has a mild detergent added. For a “green” option, you can use white vinegar and hot water. While it may smell strong momentarily, it will leave your basement with a clean, fresh scent. This same process can be used for commercial spaces that have a lot of foot traffic. You will love the ease of taking care of a stone and epoxy floor in a high-traffic area.

For garage floors that have Nature Stone installed and have been exposed to road grime, dirt and oil from hobbies and cars, muddy athletic equipment and wet shoes, you may choose to use a more extensive cleaning process. Start by sweeping twigs and leaves that have blown into your garage out of the way and then follow up with an industrial type of vacuum cleaner. The strong suction will help to rid your floor of pollen, dust and dirt that may have been embedded into the top layer of the floor. Any stubborn areas can be pretreated with a spray cleaner. Once the vacuuming is complete, you can hose out your garage using a mild detergent to help lift off dirt and road grime. Allow it to dry completely before putting your cars and lawn equipment in storage. You can use these steps to wash your outdoor decks, patios and pool surrounds. It will take you just minutes!

As you can see, taking care of your Nature Stone and keeping it clean is so simple. For more information on how to care for and repair your stone and epoxy floor, call us today!