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Is it Really as Easy as it Looks?

After seeing all of the amazing products that are available on the Nature Stone store, you may be wondering about completing your own do-it-yourself repair or topcoat service on your Nature Stone floor.  Believe it or not, it really is just as easy as it looks!  Here are some things to consider when thinking about doing maintenance to your floor:

  • Nature Stone floors are the finest in the industry.  Over the last several decades, one thing has not changed – Nature Stone offers the most beautiful, highest quality floors in the industry.  That means that our products, from initial installation to repairs, are created to last.  You can feel confident that when you complete your repairs, you will be delighted with the results.  
  • You’ll use professional-grade products.  Our DIY kits include the same products and formulas that our experienced crews use to install and repair floors.  Having access to the same products our teams use means that you will be able to repair and topcoat your floor just as easily as our professional installers.  
  • Our accessory kits ensure great results.  As part of our DIY store, we offer accessory kits that give you all of the tools needed to either repair small cracks or pitting in your floor and can help you to apply a smooth topcoat.  Why is this critical?  The right tools make the job that much easier.  
  • Online instructions are always available.  The process of repairing or topcoating your floor simply couldn’t be easier with our online instructions.  With step-by-step instructions, you will see that mixing the epoxy and repairing small areas of your floor can be done without any difficulty.   
  • Customer support is there when you need it.  While your Nature Stone DIY project really is easy, we are always available to answer questions.  Simply call our customer support line and we’ll be happy to lend a hand.

Is it easy to repair or topcoat your beautiful Nature Stone floor?  You bet!  Because of the innate quality of our floors and our materials, you will have an easy time restoring your floor to a like-new condition.  Call us today for more information or visit our DIY store.  We are here to help!