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5 Don'ts When Applying Topcoat

A new application of topcoat can help your Nature Stone floor to retain the durability over the long term or in high-traffic areas.  If you decide to complete the topcoat process yourself, there are certain things not to do that will help you to achieve the same professional results as our Nature Stone maintenance teams do.  Here are 5 “don’ts” that will give you success in topcoating your Nature Stone floor.

  1. Putting on a thick application of topcoat.  While you may think that “more is better,” with a topcoat application less is actually more.  A thin layer of new topcoat will complement the topcoat that is already on your floor and will allow you to keep the hydrostatic pores of your floor open to eliminate moisture and puddling.
  2. Coating without sanding and pressure washing first.  Preparation is the key to a proper topcoating job.  Attempting to apply topcoat without sanding the surface and power washing it will seal in grime and dirt and prevent proper adherence.  By sanding the topcoat, you prepare the surface to accept the new topcoat.  This is a critical step.
  3. Painting the center instead of the edges first.  When applying the topcoat, you need a plan.  If you start by rolling the topcoat material in the center of the room, you will have a difficult time getting the edges properly.  Start by using a brush to edge the space and then go back with a roller to fill in the room, working your way out of the area so as not to step on wet topcoat.
  4. Not properly preparing the roller.  Rollers dripping with topcoat will not give you the application results you’d like.  Once the roller is dipped into the topcoat solution, carefully roll it on the tray to remove any excess topcoat.  This will allow for a smooth, even application.
  5. Not letting it dry for at least 24 hours.  Sure, you may be anxious to put items back in your basement, garage or utility room, but not waiting for the topcoat to cure may mean that you leave marks on the floor.  For interior spaces, allow at least 24 hours for topcoat to dry.  For garages, wait one week before driving vehicles on the newly top coated floor.

Taking these steps into careful consideration will help you to get the best results from your DIY topcoat project.  Cleaning the floor carefully, starting at the edges and putting on a thin layer of material will give you the same results that our professional teams offer.