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Why Use a Topcoat on Your Nature Stone Floor

Investing in a Nature Stone Floor means you have a durable and beautiful floor. That said, over time, you might want your floor to have added protection, especially in high-traffic areas. Using a topcoat can be the key to making sure the Nature Stone® floor in your home or office is as durable as the day it was installed. 

Topcoat kits from Nature Stone can help to protect your floor. With foot traffic, dirt and spills over years and years, the floor will benefit from the added sealant that topcoat provides. A new layer of topcoat will restore the original finish that you enjoyed the first time you saw your new floor. 

A fresh topcoat is also helpful structurally. Using a topcoat on your Nature Stone floor will help to maintain the integrity of the floor. Our specially formulated topcoat not only seals the floor, but bonds the stone to the concrete underlayment and the stone to the remainder of the floor, giving your Nature Stone floor new life and stability over time. 

As part of our topcoat line, we offer two types of topcoats - standard and Ultra. The standard formulation is ideal for areas where there is the typical amount of foot traffic, in areas such as a garage, as part of a pool surround, or in the main living areas of the home. In addition to the stability enhancing features of the standard formula, the Ultra formula also includes UV resistance and additional long-lasting wear time after application.

To make the job of adding a new topcoat to your Nature Stone floor much easier, we also offer a Topcoat Accessory Kit. This kit provides the majority of the tools that are necessary to do your own professional-level job of applying the topcoat, leaving you with amazing results.

Ready to order your own topcoat kit? Simply visit the topcoat kit area of our website for assistance in determining how much topcoat to order and access our Topcoat Accessory Kit.