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Best Ways to Clean Your Nature Stone Floor

One of the best features of a Nature Stone floor is that it is one of the best basement floor coverings and is amazing for garages and outdoor decks and patios. That said, each of those areas will need to be cleaned over time. What are the best ways to approach cleaning your Nature Stone floor?

Much of your cleaning depends on where the floor is installed. Certainly, if your Nature Stone floor is in your laundry room, sun room or basement, then hosing it off may not be the best idea. For interior areas that are covered with an epoxy stone floor covering, there are several ways to keep it clean.

If you want to remove common household dust, using a dry mop with a large, soft head will help to remove it from the floor. A vacuum can also be used to help pick up crumbs and small pieces of debris that may have lodged in the texture of the floor.   You can follow up with a wet mop if desired. Make sure to use a mild cleaning agent and wring out the mop thoroughly to protect your floor.

If your garage flooring, pool deck or outdoor porch is a Nature Stone® floor, then you have additional options. Instead of sweeping out the garage, you can also quickly hose it out. This is particularly helpful for outdoor decks and pool surrounds. Hosing will remove dust, pollen, dirt and any leaves that have fallen. In the garage, a wet wash will also eliminate road salt and grime as well as mud from sports equipment and cleats.

As you can see, cleaning your Nature Stone floor couldn’t be easier. For interior spaces, using a dry mop, vacuum or wet mop will keep your floor clean and beautiful. For garages and outdoor spaces, using a hose may be the best way to keep your floor ready to go.