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Using Nature Stone Products to Repair Your Non-Nature Stone Floor

While you may not have used Nature Stone products for your initial floor installation, there is no reason that you cannot use our specially designed repair products and kits to repair your non-Nature Stone floor now.  Why use our products?  Consider these reasons:

  • Nature Stone is a leader in the stone flooring market.  No other name is as well-known when it comes to stone floors.  Our reputation for quality materials and beautiful, durable floors is what sets us apart from every other stone flooring brand.  
  • Our stone colors will blend in with your floor color.  No matter what brand of stone flooring you have installed in your home or office, there will be a Nature Stone’s custom blended stone floor mix that will match.  Between our current color and our legacy colors, you will certainly find exactly the right match.  
  • Our repair kits are top notch.  For pitting and small cracks, our Nature Stone Repair Kits are an easy and affordable way to repair your floor.  Simply measure the width and length of your floor and order the supplies you need to make the repair.  We even offer a Repair Accessory Kit that will provide you with all of the tools needed in order to do your own professional repair job at home.  
  • We offer topcoat supplies.  After years of heavy traffic, every stone floor can benefit from a new topcoat.  Nature Stone’s topcoat kit includes both standard and Ultra formulations.  The standard formulation will restore your floor to like-new condition, while the Ultra formulation offers a more long-lasting surface and UV protection.  Both of these products are ideal for every epoxy stone floor – no matter the brand.  
  • Nature Stone offers excellent customer support.  Even if you didn’t originally purchase your floor from Nature Stone, we want to help you maintain the floor that you have and keep your home or office space beautiful.  If you have any questions about how our products will work with your floor, simply give us a call.

Though you may not have purchased a Nature Stone floor initially, our products are ideal for repairing and maintaining your floor.  From repair kits to topcoat products to application accessories, Nature Stone offers the best maintenance products on the market today.  Visit the Nature Stone store today for more information.