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DIY Repairs Are Affordable and Convenient

Whether you have a Nature Stone brand epoxy stone floor or another brand of natural flooring, you may notice that your floor needs a bit of maintenance.  If this is the case, then no matter the brand, you can take advantage of our Nature Stone DIY topcoat and repair kits.  Designed to be an affordable and convenient option for home repair, you will love the results that you get with our carefully formulated materials.  Here are just a few things to think about when considering whether to purchase a DIY kit:

  • Repair kits are designed to save you money.  Gathering all of the necessary materials and tools to complete any type of repair can take longer than the repair itself!  With the Nature Stone DIY repair kits, you can be sure that your repair kit will include everything you need to do the repair, without having to make multiple trips to the hardware store, spending money on items that you simply don’t need.
  • You can complete repairs when it is convenient for you.  No matter when you have time available, you can do the repairs.  Morning, afternoon, evening, after work, or even on a weekend – whenever you have time, our DIY repair kit will be waiting for you!
  • You won’t have to wait for Nature Stone scheduling.  With the best known brand of epoxy flooring in the nation, there is generally a wait time for maintenance calls.  Instead of waiting for our next repair team to become available, you can order your kit and have the project done at your convenience.
  • You won’t have to pay for our visit.  For floors that are not original Nature Stone floors or are beyond the warranty period, customers may incur costs for our team to come out to perform the repair.  With a DIY kit, you only pay for the materials.  You’ll save on the labor costs by putting in your own effort.
  • Nature Stone’s DIY kits work with other brands of flooring.  While you may not have purchased a Nature Stone floor originally, our flooring DIY kits do work for other brands of floors.  Simply contact us for assistance on choosing the correct color and products for your DIY project.

Using a Nature Stone DIY kit can save you time and money, making keeping your floor beautiful affordable and convenient.  Order our kits today or call us for more information and assistance.