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Preventing Damage to Your Nature Stone Floor

If you have just had a Nature Stone floor installed, then you are enjoying the beauty and durability that it offers.  As with any product, there are certain things that are prudent to avoid to prevent damage to your Nature Stone floor over time. 

Nature Stone is known for being one of the most durable flooring surfaces that is available on the market.  That said, it is critical that you take steps to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged so that you can fully enjoy the look of your epoxy stone floor.  One way to prevent damage is by not scraping or dragging large, heavy objects across floor.  If you need to move furniture, carefully lift the piece up and set it down in a new position.  Dragging heavy items over the floor may cause small stone particles to come loose.

One of the benefits of a Nature Stone floor is that it is easy to clean.  For that reason, we do not recommend the use of harsh chemicals or bleach on your floor.  These may have the tendency to break down the epoxy that bonds the stone to your flooring surface.  Since Nature Stone is an easy-care material, by simply vacuuming, sweeping or mopping with a weak solution of floor cleaner, you will be able to maintain the finish of your floor for the long term.

As with tile and other rigid flooring products, protecting the edges of your floor is smart.  To prevent edges from chipping, make sure that other flooring products butt up to the edge of your Nature Stone® floor without a dramatic drop off.  This will support the edge of the stone flooring.  Also, be cautious when moving heavy items near the edge of the floor as their weight can cause small cracks in the floor.

If you live in a home with kids, Nature Stone is an ideal surface.  While the flooring can take just about anything your kids can dish out, we do recommend that hard balls, such as baseballs and lacrosse balls, are not bounced on the floor.  The density of these balls can cause damage to the flooring.

Nature Stone is a versatile, beautiful surface that you will enjoy in your home for years.  With a little care, you will not have any issues with damage to your floor.  Simply avoid dragging heavy furniture, protect the edges and avoid harsh chemicals.  For more information, feel free to contact us to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable Nature Stone team member.