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Top Tips for a Flawless Repair

Nature Stone floors are known for their beauty and durability. Even with high traffic, your Nature Stone® floor should retain the same luster as the day it was installed. However, if you have found a small crack that needs to be repaired, there are tips that will help you to flawlessly integrate it right back into the original floor, making it almost completely invisible. Here are some things to consider before you start your repair:

  • Measure area carefully so you have enough material. One of the best ways to make sure you have enough material is to walk your Nature Stone floor and mark the areas that you’d like to repair with blue painter’s tape. The tape will not leave any residue and the blue color will help you to see each area. Once they are marked, measure the length and width of each area, multiply them together to get the area of each repair and add each repair together to determine how much product you will need.
  • Clean the area first using a broom and then a vacuum. Cleaning prior to completing the repair will ensure a seamless application of the repair products. Sweep the floor first, removing all larger pieces of debris and then follow up with a vacuum to make sure that the area is ready.
  • Read directions carefully before starting repair process. There are specific steps that can help you to make sure your repair goes smoothly. Take the time to sit down and thoroughly read the directions provided on our website BEFORE you begin work on your floor.
  • Set out all needed materials. Prepare your area by unpacking all of your repair materials and tools from the accessory kit. Set them out where each item can be seen so that it is easy to access them during the repair process.
  • Mix epoxy carefully. When repairing your Nature Stone® floor use only as much epoxy as needed. It is easier to mix more epoxy than to have too large of a batch that dries before you can use it all. Having the correct viscosity is what will make your repair seamless.

If you are getting ready to complete a repair on your basement or garage flooring, then make sure to follow these tips for a flawless process. You’ll love the results!