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Will a Coat of Topcoat Clog Hydrostatic Ports?

If you love your Nature Stone floor, then you know one of the benefits of our design is that our floors have hydrostatic port technology. Hydrostatic port technology is the presence of small pores in our flooring that allow for moisture to travel both up through the floor and down through the floor as well. If you are considering a new application of topcoat, do you need to be worried about clogging this vital design feature?

If you follow our directions for topcoat application, then there is no reason to be concerned about adding a new topcoat to your floor. There are some things to be aware of as you approach the application process. Only Nature Stone topcoat formulations are created to specifically work with the hydrostatic ports. The viscosity and final result of the topcoat have been carefully tested in a laboratory to make sure that there is no interference from the topcoating process. Other topcoating may be too thick and may create issues with the hydrostatic ports. Our recommendation is to use only Nature Stone brand topcoating formulas.

Another way to protect the hydrostatic port technology is to use our accessory kits for a smooth application. The tools in our accessory kits are specifically designed to make the application process easy and will ensure that the right amount of material ends up on the floor. Other applicators may have too deep of a “nap” (the thickness of the pad on a roller or paint applicator) that will soak up too much topcoat on each swipe. This can cause issues with not having the right amount of product to complete your project.

When you have our Nature Stone topcoat and accessories, make sure that you only put on thin coat. Too thick of an application of any sealer will clog the pores. Our formula is designed to be effective even when it is applied thinly. Make sure to allow the floor to dry fully before walking on it or driving a car so that no additional moisture or dirt gets into the floor, clogging the pores.

As you can see, putting a coat of sealer on your Nature Stone floor will not cause any issues with our hydrostatic port technology. Simply use our original Nature Stone brand topcoat, apply it in a thin coat and allow it to dry fully.