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Common Mistakes in DIY Floor Repairs

There is no doubt that you can complete your own DIY floor repair using Nature Stone materials and our accessories from our DIY store. When you are thinking through your repair, there are some common mistakes that you can avoid with a little forethought and planning which will make your repair process that much easier and more successful.

  • Attempting to repair a floor before cleaning it. Taking some time to clean the floor thoroughly before starting your repair is critical. If you decide go ahead and repair the floor before you have swept and vacuumed it, you may end up having to deal with dirt, loose material or other contaminants which can make getting a smooth finish tough.
  • Jumping right into the repair without understanding the process. It is really important to stop for a moment and read the directions thoroughly. While it is second nature to our repair teams, if this is the first time you have attempted a natural stone flooring repair, you may not be completely familiar with the process or the materials. Reading the directions and taking the time to walk through the process will help to make everything go more quickly and seamlessly.
  • Mixing epoxy before you are ready to begin. The specially formulated epoxy that makes Nature Stone a leading basement flooring company has to be mixed just before use. If you mix it too soon, it may harden and not be usable by the time you are ready to complete the process.
  • Walking on floors before they are ready to be used. This tip applies for both topcoating and epoxy floor repairs. For small repairs, make sure to allow floors to dry for at least 24 hours. This time period will give the epoxy enough time to dry and cure, which will make your repair appear to be part of the original floor. For garage topcoating or repairs, allow one week before driving vehicles on the area you have fixed.

Don’t make a mistake during your DIY repair or topcoating project! Give us a call today and talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff about how to achieve the best results. Call us today!