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Will Topcoating Cause Issues with Hydrostatic Ports?

If you chose a Nature Stone floor because it was one of the best flooring systems for a basement, then you know that the reason that it is the industry leader is because of the presence of hydrostatic port technology. Hydrostatic ports create small pores in the floor that allows moisture to move up and through the floor, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Are you concerned that if you topcoat your floor that you will clog your hydrostatic ports?

There is no reason to be concerned about topcoating your Nature Stone floor. By using the topcoating products that are in our DIY store, you can be sure to maintain the breathability of your Nature Stone® floor. Nature Stone specially designed topcoat formula has been created to work in concert with the technology that is included in the floor. That said, there are some things to keep in mind if you do decide to topcoat your floor as a DIY process.

A thin layer of topcoat is one of the best ways to protect the hydrostatic port technology that has been added to your floor. You can get the same great results that our installation and repair teams get by simply using one of our Nature Stone accessory kits for topcoating. The tools included in this kit will allow you to complete a smooth application, using just the right amount of topcoating formula. While it may seem like “more is better” when it comes to topcoat, too much will clog your floor’s pores. Our applicators have just the right level of texture to ensure that you’ll provide a thin, effective layer to your floor.

Preparing the area correctly before topcoating is another way to protect the hydrostatic port technology. It is best to remove all furniture and rugs from the area and carefully lift draperies off of the floor. Once that is complete, sweep the floor and then run a vacuum over the surface. Some customers even choose to mop the floor with a mild cleaning solution prior to beginning their project. These steps remove fine particles of dust and grit from the floor, which will allow it to breathe once the topcoat is dry.

Do you have more questions about adding a coat of sealer to your Nature Stone floor? If you do, call us today!