5 Tips for a Great DIY Repair

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Nature Stone’s nature stone floors are known for their uncompromising quality, incomparable beauty and amazing durability which is the reason that so many people have it installed in their home. If you are considering taking care of your own DIY repairs to your outdoor stone floor, basement floor or garage floor, here are five tips to get great results:


1. Carefully measure so you have the right amount of materials. If you don’t have the right amount of materials, you will quickly become frustrated. There is an easy way to ensure that you have exactly what you need. Simply walk your Nature Stone floor and mark the areas that you’d like to repair with blue painter’s tape. This tape is easy to see and doesn’t leave any residue. Measure each of the areas, noting the length and width. Then, multiply the length and width together for each repair site and then add each individual total together to see how much repair material will be needed.


2. Prepare the area. To get the best results, clean the area you will be repairing thoroughly. Start by sweeping the floor and then follow up with a thorough vacuuming, which will remove any dust or grit left in the area to be repaired.


3. Press the pause button. Fixing a natural stone floor is easy, but the materials might not be familiar to you. If you take a moment to pause and read through the directions a few times, the process will become much clearer to you. Following the steps in order will give you a great result.


4. Lay out your tools. While you are reviewing the instructions, take a moment to set out all of the tools and materials you will need. You can even line them up in order of use to make your process easier. Once you are confident that you have unpacked everything, you are ready to begin!


5. Take your time. Don’t rush through your repair. You’ll have plenty of time to mix the epoxy and apply it before it dries. Smooth it carefully into place and enjoy the results of your work!


Want more tips or have question on your DIY repair? Feel free to contact us today.

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Will Topcoating Cause Issues with Hydrostatic Ports?

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If you chose a Nature Stone floor because it was one of the best flooring systems for a basement, then you know that the reason that it is the industry leader is because of the presence of hydrostatic port technology. Hydrostatic ports create small pores in the floor that allows moisture to move up and through the floor, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Are you concerned that if you topcoat your floor that you will clog your hydrostatic ports?

There is no reason to be concerned about topcoating your Nature Stone floor. By using the topcoating products that are in our DIY store, you can be sure to maintain the breathability of your natural stone floor. Nature Stone specially designed topcoat formula has been created to work in concert with the technology that is included in the floor. That said, there are some things to keep in mind if you do decide to topcoat your floor as a DIY process.

A thin layer of topcoat is one of the best ways to protect the hydrostatic port technology that has been added to your floor. You can get the same great results that our installation and repair teams get by simply using one of our Nature Stone accessory kits for topcoating. The tools included in this kit will allow you to complete a smooth application, using just the right amount of topcoating formula. While it may seem like “more is better” when it comes to topcoat, too much will clog your floor’s pores. Our applicators have just the right level of texture to ensure that you’ll provide a thin, effective layer to your floor.

Preparing the area correctly before topcoating is another way to protect the hydrostatic port technology. It is best to remove all furniture and rugs from the area and carefully lift draperies off of the floor. Once that is complete, sweep the floor and then run a vacuum over the surface. Some customers even choose to mop the floor with a mild cleaning solution prior to beginning their project. These steps remove fine particles of dust and grit from the floor, which will allow it to breathe once the topcoat is dry.

Do you have more questions about adding a coat of sealer to your Nature Stone floor? If you do, call us today!

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DIY Topcoating Can Save You Time and Money this Fall

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When the weather starts to turn blustery, many people look to DIY projects inside their home to keep them occupied. This is the perfect time of the year to complete a DIY topcoating project. Nature Stone offers topcoating kits through our DIY store that are ideal for natural stone flooring. Here are just a few reasons to look to Nature Stone for your topcoating materials and tools:

  • DIY topcoating projects are a cost saver. Instead of having to pay onsite costs and labor for a topcoating project, you can do it yourself and save. Our DIY store offers the same topcoating materials that our own professional teams use during installations and repairs. The only difference is that you can do it yourself.
  • DIY topcoating can be done at your convenience. As the best basement flooring option, our teams stay busy with installations, which can mean that you may have to wait for one of our topcoating teams to become available. Instead of feeling frustrated, you can complete your own topcoating project at your convenience in just a few hours with our kits.
  • You can use our professional tools and instructions. While many Nature Stone floor owners are concerned about attempting their own topcoating process, it really is easy! Each of our topcoating kits can be used for basement flooring or garage floors – even outdoors. We include not only the topcoating formula, but you can even purchase an accessory pack that will give you all of our tools to ensure that you have an amazing result. The instructions to apply your topcoat is not only listed on our website, but is included in every package.
  • We offer a variety of topcoating formulas. To customize your project, we offer both our regular topcoating formula as well as a heavy duty UV formula that is ideal for pool decks, hot tub surrounds or sun rooms. Both of these formulas can be used to provide protection for your basement flooring or flooring in your garage.

Want to work on your floor using a DIY topcoating kit this fall? Give us a call today or order your supplies online. You’ll love how your Nature Stone looks with a fresh topcoat.

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What is the Best Way to Care for Your Nature Stone Floor?

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One of the best reasons to invest in a Nature Stone basement or garage floor is because it is so easy to maintain. While you may have some concerns about how to take care of it over time, especially with colder weather on the horizon, you can rest assured that caring for your natural stone floor is easy.

Keeping your floor clean is easy. With a Nature Stone floor, you can keep it looking like it was just installed with just a few steps. No matter where your floor is located – whether in your garage, basement, laundry room, sun room or even outdoors – the first step is to sweep any debris off of it on a regular basis. If you floor is outdoors or in your garage, you can also use a yard blower to remove leaves and twigs. For epoxy flooring in your basement, a broom or vacuum will remove dust, crumbs and hair from the floor. Once your floor has been swept or vacuumed, simply mop it off with a weak floor cleaning solution. For outdoor applications, you can hose your deck, garage or hot tub surround off to get it clean.

Another question many of our new floor owners have is how to prevent damage over the long term. The best way to do this is to remember just a few things. If you need to move a large, heavy object, such as a couch or wood picnic table, then take the time to lift it off of the floor instead of dragging it. This is critical especially if you are moving it over an edge of the floor where the stone and epoxy floor is either ending or abuts another type of flooring. By lifting heavy objects, you can make sure that no pebbles are accidentally knocked loose from your floor.

For those who live in areas that flood, you may be concerned about restoring your floor after a fall basement flood. If this does happen to you, you will be so happy that you have installed a Nature Stone floor. Unlike carpet, your Nature Stone floor will easily withstand any flood. Once the water has been removed, remove any large debris or mud and wash the floor with a mild detergent. Your floor will be like new!

As you can see, taking care of your Nature Stone floor is an easy process. A quick sweep and a gentle mop will keep your floor looking great for a lifetime. For more information, feel free to contact us to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable Nature Stone team member.

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Common Mistakes in DIY Floor Repairs

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There is no doubt that you can complete your own DIY floor repair using Nature Stone materials and our accessories from our DIY store. When you are thinking through your repair, there are some common mistakes that you can avoid with a little forethought and planning which will make your repair process that much easier and more successful.

  • Attempting to repair a floor before cleaning it. Taking some time to clean the floor thoroughly before starting your repair is critical. If you decide go ahead and repair the floor before you have swept and vacuumed it, you may end up having to deal with dirt, loose material or other contaminants which can make getting a smooth finish tough.
  • Jumping right into the repair without understanding the process. It is really important to stop for a moment and read the directions thoroughly. While it is second nature to our repair teams, if this is the first time you have attempted a natural stone flooring repair, you may not be completely familiar with the process or the materials. Reading the directions and taking the time to walk through the process will help to make everything go more quickly and seamlessly.
  • Mixing epoxy before you are ready to begin. The specially formulated epoxy that makes Nature Stone a leading basement flooring company has to be mixed just before use. If you mix it too soon, it may harden and not be usable by the time you are ready to complete the process.
  • Walking on floors before they are ready to be used. This tip applies for both topcoating and epoxy floor repairs. For small repairs, make sure to allow floors to dry for at least 24 hours. This time period will give the epoxy enough time to dry and cure, which will make your repair appear to be part of the original floor. For garage topcoating or repairs, allow one week before driving vehicles on the area you have fixed.

Don’t make a mistake during your DIY repair or topcoating project! Give us a call today and talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff about how to achieve the best results. Call us today!

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Complete Your Fall Repairs with Professional Nature Stone Accessories

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During the fall, it is time to focus on all of the projects that will make your home look great for the holidays and over the winter. Fall is simply the best time to get your home’s interior looking up to date. If you have been considering a repair to your garage flooring or basement flooring, now is the time! Nature Stone offers a full line of accessories that can make repairing your natural stone flooring easy. Here are some reasons to use professional Nature Stone accessories for your next DIY flooring project.

  • Use the same tools as our professional Nature Stone installation and repair teams. Experts know that having the right tools can make the job much easier and give you professional results. When you are considering a repair to your Nature Stone basement floor or laundry room area, you can ensure an amazing result by using the accessory kits that are offered on our DIY store website. These tools – exactly the ones that our own professional installers use – will help make your project smooth and easy.
  • You’ll have everything that you need. Instead of having to run back and forth to the hardware store to find that one last item you need in order to complete your basement flooring repair, use our accessory kits. Filled with every tool that is needed for a complete repair, from containers to gloves, you’ll love the time you save and the certainty you have that you can get the job done.
  • Accessory kits are geared toward specific projects. At Nature Stone, part of being a leading epoxy floor company means that we fully understand the repair and topcoating process. To that end, we have designed accessory kits specific to these projects, allowing you to purchase exactly the tools you need without buying anything extra.

Thinking about tackling a DIY flooring project? Use a repair or topcoating accessory kit from Nature Stone’s DIY store to save you time, ensure a great result and give you exactly the tools you need for your project. Call today!

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Nature Stone’s Accessory Kits Make DIY Projects Simple

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The professionals at Nature Stone are able to get the results they do, not only because of the extensive experience they have, but because of the tools that they use to perform installations and repairs are the best in the industry. If you are considering completing your own DIY installation or repair, then take advantage of the accessory kits that Nature Stone has put together to get the best results and to make your project simple.

Many people love to do DIY projects around their home. It can be a relaxing way to spend weekend time with your family and can give you a real sense of accomplishment. If that sounds like you and you want to try your hand at repairing small cracks in your Nature Stone floor, or would like to add a layer of topcoat to your garage, basement or outdoor stone and epoxy surface, then we highly recommend using one of our accessory kits to match your DIY project.

The reason that we recommend using our DIY kits for repairs is because not only will you have access to our professional grade tools, but you will not have to run back and forth to the home improvement or hardware store to find what you need. Each Nature Stone DIY repair accessory kit includestwo mixing containers, a mixing stick, gloves, dust mask, brush, trowel and a bag of sand.  These tools are exactly what our professional teams use when they are doing an installation or a repair that has been scheduled by our office. Also included in the kit are specific instructions to make your repair as easy as possible, saving you time and hassle.

Using the topcoat accessory kit also provides you with the tools that you need for a smooth, simple application. No matter whether you have chosen to use the standard topcoat or the heavy duty UV topcoat, these tools will save you time in locating just the right applicators. This is especially critical for the topcoating process as too heavy of a coat of our formula will mean that you will not only not have enough to cover your floor, but you may clog the hydrostatic ports that are included in each installation. As this technology is what allows your floor to stay dry and prevent the growth of mold and mildew, you can be sure that a thin layer of topcoat is exactly the goal of the process. This accessory kit includes tools such as a paint tray, paint roller, paint brush, mixing stick, measuring cup, gloves, dust mask and bag of sand. You’ll save tons of time and effort by simply ordering our Nature Stone DIY topcoating accessory kit instead of searching for just the right tools. 

DIY projects can be a fun and rewarding process. You can make your floor repair or topcoating project that much easier by taking advantage of Nature Stone’s accessory kits. With all of the right tools, you won’t have to spend time searching for what you need. Call us today to order your accessory kit and materials!

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Nature Stone’s DIY Kits are the Most Versatile on the Market

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Even if you didn’t originally make the decision to use a Nature Stone custom stone and epoxy floor in your home, that doesn’t mean you can’t use our versatile DIY repair, topcoating and accessory kits.  These kits can help you to repair small cracks or crevices in your floor or provide a way to add a protective topcoat to keep your floor looking great.  Here are just a few things to keep in mind when looking at our kits if you haven’t installed a Nature Stone floor:

  • Let us help you with color.  If you are planning on a DIY floor repair, then give our repair team a call at Nature Stone. We will work with you to determine just the right color combination that will match your floor perfectly.  This is a critical step in that stone is included in every repair kit so that the crack can be filled properly.  Just give us a call and we will walk you through the selection process!
  • Take advantage of our accessory kits.  Nature Stone’s repair and topcoating accessory kits are what make our DIY processes so effective.  We literally include everything in the kit that you could possibly need to complete your repair or topcoating project.  From gloves to just the right applicators, having access to these professional grade tools, no matter the original brand of your floor, can help you to fix and topcoat your floor without having to run to the hardware store over and over again.
  • You’ll be part of the Nature Stone family.  Even if you haven’t had Nature Stone install your original floor, you can be sure that you will feel just like family when you use our versatile DIY kits.  We can help you to choose the right materials, the correct amounts and get the tools that you need to complete your repair without waiting for a repair team to become available.  Our professional staff will work with you to help you get the information you need, including instructions and amount calculations, so that you can successfully complete your own repair.
  • Nature Stone’s stone and epoxy repair kit is the best on the market.  No matter what brand of flooring you installed originally, you will find that the Nature Stone brand of flooring is simply the best on the market.  What makes us different is our high level of service and the high quality of all of our materials.  Our specially formulated epoxy will help you to ensure a seamless repair process no matter regardless of the original brand of flooring in your home. 

Our topcoat works!  For the best topcoat product on the market, use Nature Stone brand topcoating for your DIY project.  Known for a high level of wear and the ability to keep your floor looking like new, you will love how easy it is to apply and how well it performs.

Are you looking for the best stone and epoxy floor products on the market to complete your DIY repair or topcoating project?  Look to industry leader Nature Stone!  Our expert staff will help you to find just the right products, no matter the original brand of your floor.  Call us today for help.

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Protecting Hydrostatic Port Technology

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One of the best parts of a Nature Stone custom stone and epoxy floor is the presence of Hydrostatic Port Technology. This innovative design feature has been added to each and every Nature Stone floor to help moisture to evaporate up through the floors, which is particularly helpful in basement and garage environments, where there is more water present. If you are planning on a repair or topcoating process for your floor, do you need to worry about damaging the hydrostatic ports? Are there any steps you can take to prevent issues with these important items included in your floor? Read on for information as to how you can make sure that your floor functions as great after your floor repair as before.  

  • The first step – understand what hydrostatic ports are and how they work. The Hydrostatic Port Technology included in each and every Nature Stone floor is the process by which small pores are included in the very membrane of the floor. As the floor is smoothed onto the surface of your garage, basement, laundry room or even an outdoor deck, the epoxy and pebbles allow for small gaps that give moisture from your home’s foundation to evaporate easily.  This is how our floors prevent mold and mildew from growing, which makes them a step above carpet or tile.   
  • Use Nature Stone’s specially designed products. When you choose to use Nature Stone’s specially designed topcoating products, you can be sure that they will work with the floor to maintain the integrity of the hydrostatic port technology. No matter whether you choose our standard topcoating products or our UV topcoat, it will work in tandem with the floor that has been installed.
    • No worries during repairs. Since Nature Stone’s repair kits for stone and epoxy floors take advantage of professional grade materials, you will have no issues with hydrostatic ports during a repair. Simply follow the directions that you have been provided with and you will be able to complete a flawless repair that will not impair the ability of your floor to allow moisture to travel both up from the foundation and down through the floor.
      If you work carefully with our topcoating products, you will discover that your floor will still have the same ability to drain and evaporate ground moisture as it did when it was installed. Simply use Nature Stone products for repairs and focus on providing a thin layer of topcoat and success is insured! Feel free to call us for more information on repair kits, accessory kits or even to get an estimate to have another area of your home or office coated with Nature Stone. Call today!

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      DIY Tips to Keep Your Nature Stone Floor Clean

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      No matter where you have had your Nature Stone custom stone and epoxy floor installed, you will love the way it looks and you will love how easy it is to keep clean. Depending on where you floor is installed, you will have options to keep it as clean as the day that it was installed.

      Keeping your Nature Stone floor clean starts with an analysis as to where the floor is located. You may need a slightly different process if your floor is in a basement, than if it is in a kitchen, hallway, garage, outdoors or in a commercial environment. Think through what your floor has been exposed to. Mostly foot traffic? Road grime? Rainwater and pollen from outdoors? Dirty athletic equipment, hobby tools and mud? Each of these considerations may change how you approach your floor cleaning slightly.

      If your Nature Stone floor has been installed in your basement, then your main concern will be keeping your basement smelling fresh and clean. Nature Stone is known for the ability to stop mold and mildew growth. Start by vacuuming your Nature Stone floor to remove any dust or debris from stored items in your basement. If your basement flooring is in an entertainment area, carefully lift up furniture and sweep under it, removing discarded wrappers or food crumbs that ended up under the couch instead of in the trash. Once you have swept the floor, you can run over it quickly with a household vacuum cleaner. This helps to remove any additional dust that has accumulated. Finally mop the floor with a damp, not wet, mop that has a mild detergent added. For a “green” option, you can use white vinegar and hot water. While it may smell strong momentarily, it will leave your basement with a clean, fresh scent. This same process can be used for commercial spaces that have a lot of foot traffic. You will love the ease of taking care of a stone and epoxy floor in a high-traffic area.

      For garage floors that have Nature Stone installed and have been exposed to road grime, dirt and oil from hobbies and cars, muddy athletic equipment and wet shoes, you may choose to use a more extensive cleaning process. Start by sweeping twigs and leaves that have blown into your garage out of the way and then follow up with an industrial type of vacuum cleaner. The strong suction will help to rid your floor of pollen, dust and dirt that may have been embedded into the top layer of the floor. Any stubborn areas can be pretreated with a spray cleaner. Once the vacuuming is complete, you can hose out your garage using a mild detergent to help lift off dirt and road grime. Allow it to dry completely before putting your cars and lawn equipment in storage. You can use these steps to wash your outdoor decks, patios and pool surrounds. It will take you just minutes!

      As you can see, taking care of your Nature Stone and keeping it clean is so simple. For more information on how to care for and repair your stone and epoxy floor, call us today!

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